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We are currently having an introductory start-up special on lifetime memberships regularly priced at $199.95 and now for a limited time a lifetime membership is only a $99.95 Donation to FBBA. Sign up- today!  

We need to be informed. With disease, shrinking habitat, detrimental legislation and GMOs all impacting the hive-- up-to-date information is key to preserving the honey bee. Networking with experienced beekeepers is critical for the art of beekeeping, and the fate of the honey bee. 

Join us in saving the honey bee!

  • participate in hands-on education resources through our live workshops, online community, webinars, live chats and events;
  • take advantage of 20% discounts on all FBBA events and merchandise;
  • stay up-to-date on Florida Best Management Practices, new beekeeping legislation, products, procedures, and resources;
  • navigate liability insurance to protect yourself, your beekeeping operation, and the general public while keeping your costs down;
  • support and participate with other organizations in honey bee preservation, education, and research;
  • encourage beekeeping at a household level to help sustain a diversified genetic pool that helps honey bee preservation;
  • bridge backyard beekeeping and the commercial industry;
  • emphasize treatment-free beekeeping methods;
  • foster business development for the backyard and sideline beekeeping industry;
  • create awareness and provide resources for saving and relocating unwanted hives.